ABM BLAQ% Asia Tour Projects

UPDATED 120829- Completed

Part 1: Indonesia BLAQ% Tour
Part 2: Thailand Food Support & Seoul Rice Wreath
Part 3: Tokyo, Japan Rice Wreath Collaboration w/ @JapanBLAQ
Part 4: Contributed to IMBLAQ for Food support in Taiwan

Part 1

To AbsoluteMBLAQ A+ & Viewers

With our AbsoluteMBLAQ admin, Linx as well as our Project Manager Saf, AbsoluteMBLAQ attended their press conference in Jakarta, which was an opportunity that we truly are appreciative for.

Furthermore, AbsoluteMBLAQ is extremely pleased and grateful in the deepest of our hearts to announce that AbsoluteMBLAQ slogan has had two encounters with MBLAQ officially so far!

Encounter #1:
During Jakarta’s BLAQ% Concert encore stage remix of Oh yeah/You’re My+, Linx threw an ABM slogan onto the stage. MBLAQ G.O picked up the slogan and placed it around his neck. It is evident in many fancams, especially these two below, that it is ABM’s slogan when he took a selca using a fan’s Polaroid. However, when he got up, G.O accidentally dropped it, which was then picked up by a dancer of theirs.

@1:53 in this video (cr: @ YT)

@1:53 as well (cr: @ YT)

Encounter #2:

Yesterday, from our Japanese translator (Yuka), she was linked by a twitter follower to a picture which all 5 of MBLAQ members and the crew were in. In the picture, a dancer held up our ABM slogan towel. Pictures tell a thousand words to say that they have ABM’s banner with them now!

We are more than pleased with what we never expected to happen.
With that being said, we are still currently selling our ABM slogans as well! If you do want one, please refer to HERE to order!
We only wish to get our AbsoluteMBLAQ name out there and most importantly to MBLAQ, so I hope you will join hands with us!

Encounter #3: In Taiwan

Above you can see in the circle our ABM slogan. An ABM member, Camila (@blaqbi), got a friend of hers who was in the front during the concert to throw a slogan on stage. And there it is, thanks to her!
(Photo credit: as tagged)

UPDATED 120708
Part 2

AbsoluteMBLAQ alongside @FANtastic_MBLAQ & MagicBLAQ@Pantip successfully completed MBLAQ’s Bangkok,Thailand Food Support Project :)

Below are the pictures of what were provided to MBLAQ & Staff

Part 2- Rice Wreath- Seoul, Korea

A 50kg rice wreath with a 40cm by 55cm picture was ordered in support for BLAQ% Seoul.

(we will update with the pics dreame sends as soon as we receive them)

Thanks to blaqbi for the above pic.

Yet again, thanks to all the donors. This would not have been possible without your generosity.

PART 3- Tokyo, Japan Rice Wreath Collaboration Project

**This was a collaboration project with @JapanBLAQ (J-BLAQ)
Special thanks to @JapanBLAQ for our collaboration

The wreath altogether was 160kg!

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