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CREDITS: euna@AbsoluteMBLAQ

Register at Mnet (Use Internet Explorer)

Why register at Mnet?

To vote for MBLAQ when they comeback!

Remember their precious #1 win for the first time in M Countdown on July 14th? Well, let’s give them more of that. Registering at Mnet will allow you to vote for them, getting them close to that number one spot they deserve! I know that they just went on break, but if we can get as much ABM A+ to sign up before their comeback, we can all start voting RIGHT AWAY when they release the song.

Please register and help vote!

Before you register…

  • You (or your age that you registered your email in) must be AT LEAST 14 (in Korean age; 12~13 years old in other countries)
  • Use Internet Explorer. Certain buttons and forms may not work on other internet browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.
  • HOTMAIL accounts may not receive a certification number. Please use a different email address if possible.
  • If you don’t like the pics stretching, it might be easier for you to change the skin to the old one.

Registering at Mnet

  1. Go to Mnet Registration.
  2. Select ‘FOREIGNER.’

  • Check to agree to all three boxes. Then click Save.
  • Fill in the appropriate information.
  • Make sure your password has both alphabets and numbers.
  • Enter your email address and click ‘certification’ to receive a certification number. Check ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ if it isn’t in your inbox. Remember, the certification number may not be sent to you if you use a Hotmail account. Safest email would be Yahoo or Gmail.
  • Enter the certification number in the box below, click Save.

Log In & Out at Mnet
Logging In Enter Mnet main page and click ‘로그인,’

Fill in the information, and click ‘로그인

Logging Out

Click ‘로그아웃.’ You should be able to see ‘로그아웃‘ in all of the pages.

M Countdown Chart Scoring Guidelines

Mnet collects the top songs from the Mnet’s Weekly Chart ratings.

  • Total count of Listening and Downloading (MP3 Download) of the song for one whole week, from Monday 0:00 to Monday 24:00 (KST), on the Mnet Weekly Chart.
  • ONLY 1 vote per 1 ID per 1 day.
  • Listening on repeat will not be counted.
  • One download per ID.  Re-downloading will not be counted.


  • All on/off-line purchases of the album will be counted.
  • Sales from the repackage albums, different-version albums (A version, B version, CD1, CD2) after the original album release will also be counted
  • Any of the collaboration, and past album sales will be excluded.


  • Songs from the weekly sales will be on the poll.  Registered Mnet members will be able to vote for 4 days (Friday ~ Monday) at Mnet.
  • The top 50 songs will be selected 5 ~ 11 days before voting starts, adding the song’s standings on Mnet Weekly Digital Music Chart and Album Sales Chart.
  • But songs can be added if they are a big issue on the chart (live chart), even if they are released before the 4 days (Monday ~ Thursday releases).
  • The standard for the added songs depends on their success to the Chart Top 5.

3. MNET JUDGES 10% Mnet’s professional musicians’ votes will also be counted
4. SMS VOTES 10% The SMS live voting will be counted during the time of M Countdown (On-Air).  The votings for Top 10’s will be counted until the show completely ends.
※ I highlighted the ones we can do– we can do 80% of this! FiGhTiNG!!!

To sum up, things you can do:

  • Buy MBLAQ’s album
  • Stream MBLAQ songs on Mnet
  • And Vote for MBLAQ


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