110820 MEN in MBLAQ 1st Concert Support Project (S. Korea)

In collaboration with MBLAQCHINA and Yo!SayHo fan sites we have FREE BANNERS for international A+ who are attending the concert. We distributed banners before the concert outside Jamsil Gymnasium for A+. There are only 100 banners so it is on a first come first serve basis.

In addition to the banners, ABM also bought rice wreath to celebrate MBLAQ’s first concert.

Special thanks to Linx (linxiie) for coordinating this project.
And of course to our A+ donators that gives generously to ABM.
With your support to keep ABM alive and all of these projects made possible to show support to MBLAQ.

 A+ all over the world making their presence known.
all in all A+ gave 2.8 tons of rice that MBLAQ donated to less fortunate children.

Below are the pictures of the rice and wreath

In addition to the Rice wreath there are also some small gifts that we’re given to MBLAQ.
5 bottles of Multi-vitamins (Men balance), Tea leaves, Berry essence, and Scotch Whisky (meant for their after concert party) to toast and celebrate MEN in MBLAQ’s success ^^.

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