110218 We’re Your + Project

First ever ABM project to be organized and run by the members themselves.
Members are thinking about our boys to this extent that they wanted to show their support and love with their creativity.
We staff are deeply moved by ABM members coming together to come up and write a project proposal for MBLAQ.
This project is approved by ABM. Please show much interest and support to your fellow A+.
This is by the members for the members to MBLAQ

That’s all for now.I just hope our gifts would reach MBLAQ safely and they would like it.
Everything was spontaneous thinking. Thanks to Chong and Happy for advising us on this Projects!
Thanks to our editors,Aly,Han and of course, Sesshy,for coming out with a great collage!
Thanks Diane and Platine for the support!
Thanks to my friend,Shazlin,who is a Hottest yet loving MBLAQ,for buying G.O’s gifts and last minute Mir’s gift!
Thanks Dewita and fellow donators for the donations!!It really helped us a lot!
Thanks Erish for advertising, being calm when we’re facing problems midway and also for cleaning up my letters!
Thanks Wendy for being supportive and advertising our project on ABM blog!
Thanks to Hush for being so skillful and efficient. You’re the best partner I ever had!
Lastly,thanks to all A+ that submitted your entries,without your entries,there won’t be any collage!

Project Manager
We’re Your +

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