110314 Miracle Joonbilee! (Joon & Mir’s Birthday 2011)

Yes, you’ve read correct! Following the success of the 365 Days with MBLAQ project, we are officially launching projects for Joon and Mir’s birthdays as of today! Joon’s birthday is on February 7, and Mir’s birthday is on March 10. It may seem like a long time away, but we need all the time we can get to get this project done and shipped off a little after Joon’s birthday! Your fantastic coordinators this time around are myself, Ally, ( gh3tt0. ), and Happy ( popcorn07 ).

As we were planning the project, we realized two things: 1. Joon’s health is not the best. 2. They’ll be promoting their newest album by the time we send out this project. So, this time around, we’re looking for gifts that can possibly ease any stress, relaxation gifts, and gifts that are portable and can be used on-the-go! We’re centering the project on making their lives that much easier, since we all realize how hectic the boys’ schedules can be, once they’re off and running.



My co-coordinator, Happy ( popcorn07 ), and I are happy to announce that our gifts have been sent off to Alex ( aa-chan / @AA_CHAN ) as of yesterday! After many delays, due to the weather, Happy was finally able to send off the gifts! They are well on their way to Korea.

As you will notice while scrolling down through the pictures, there is an added gift, in addition to everything! (I know we keep adding stuff!) We decided to send them recovery cards and candy! For Mir, we sent him a hot and cold back wrap, as he is currently recovering from a back injury. We’re hoping that he’ll put the wrap to good use!

A lovely donor, HanP, had requested to send gifts of her own choice, two for which she paid. Thank you to her! ^^

Homedics Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat (Joon)
With Joon jumping from place to place in his hectic schedule, we figured he’d be able to take a break and just have all the stress disappear with this massager. Any aches or pains will be instantly cured with this massager.

My Beating Heart (Joon)
In order to help his insomnia, this item will help him drift off to sleep, so he can get his much needed rest. Hopefully, with this item, Joon’ll be able to have the energy we loved seeing him with!

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Cologne & Aftershave (Joon)*
We all know Joon doesn’t shower. So, to cover up that stank, we’re sending him this set of cologne and aftershave. It’s absolute quality Dolce & Gabbana!

Snuggie Varsity (Joon)
It’s winter, so, to keep him warm, we’re sending him this cute Snuggie! Its varsity style suits Joon’s taste in clothing. He’ll wear it around the dorm to get warm.

Lavender Lab by Cloud B (Mir)
Our cuddly Mir has his own stuffed animal to play with! It smells of a fragrant lavender that’ll hopefully help him to sleep and rest in between schedules.

Pac-Man video game kit (Mir)
We always see Mir playing games, so we thought we’d get him a video game kit, in order to pass the time between schedules. It connects to a TV for maximum awesomeness. And besides, it’s classic Pacman!

One Piece Figurine (Mir)*
We all know how much Mir loves One Piece. This cute figurine will be something to add to his growing collection!

Snuggie True Fun Skull & Cross Bones (Mir)
We plan to help Mir keep warm during those cold winter days and nights with this Snuggie! The skulls and crossbones might be something of amusement to Mir, as well!

Conair SR10 Shower Radio (Group)
As a gift, not only to Joon and Mir, but the other boys, this radio will allow them to listen to the radio while in the shower. Hopefully, it’ll keep them in the shower long enough so that they don’t smell too bad.

Game Night Lottery Shot Glass Game Set (Group)
For the nights that are running slow or for a time that just calls for celebration, this game set is perfect! The boys can celebrate a music show win or an award by partying it up, especially since they are all of age now!

Duracell Coppertop Batteries – 20 Count (Group)*
We know that they’re constantly running on technology, and we’re not helping their case with sending electronics all the time, so we decided to send them a pack of batteries, in order to use our gifts and the multiple others they may get!

A HUGE THANKS TO OUR DONORS, THE MEMBERS, AND SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE FOR MAKING THIS PROJECT A SUCCESS! Our last update will come when Alex receives the presents and successfully sends off our gifts. ‘Till then, don’t forget to stop by and suggest for Twitter Trending for Mir’s Birthday!

Thank you!
Ally ( gh3tt0. )

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