100304 JOOMI Birthday 2010

100610 MBLAQ Comeback Snack Project (Radio)

101119 365 Days with MBLAQ (1st Anni) & 3-in-1 Birthday (Seungho, G.O., Cheondung)

101122 G.O.O.D Luv for Indonesia Charity Project

110113 Send Your Holiday Greetings to MBLAQ!

110115 MBLAQ 1st Album Support Project

110218 We’re Your + Project

110314 Miracle Joonbilee! (Joon & Mir’s Birthday 2011)

110317 STAY with JAPAN Charity Project

110605 MBLAQ at K-pop Heal the World Project (Singapore)

110820 MEN in MBLAQ 1st Concert Support Project (S. Korea)

111121 BACK2BLAQ (2nd Anni) & 3-in-1 Birthday (Seungho, G.O., Cheondung)

111123 MBLAQ @ Kpop Masters Project (Las Vegas)

120204 – 120310 JOOMI Birthday 2012

120428 MISSION: FEED MBLAQ! at 2012 KMF (Los Angeles)

2012 ABM BLAQ% Asia Tour Projects

[PROJECT] Seungho-Doong-G.O 2012 :)

[PROJECT] MBLAQ TURNS 3! / ABM Charity Project

130207 Joon Iris 2-Birthday Rice Wreath

AbsoluteMBLAQ Collab with MBLAQPH

130426 Rice Wreath for Thunder at Nail Shop Paris Press Con

130604 Rice Wreath for MBLAQ ‘SEXY BEAT’ Showcase

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