120428 MISSION: FEED MBLAQ! at 2012 KMF (Los Angeles)

Hey everyone!

So our collaboration (w/ MBLAQAttack) food support project at KMF was a great success!
A big thank you to all the donators who participated in this project!
Also we want to thank Dabin, her friends Niki & another, and Camila (blaqbi) for helping us complete this project as well!

For the ones wondering, the catering service was not allowed into KMF, so we resolved to preparing lunch boxes from Kabuki Japanese Restaurant and with
yummy snacks and drinks.

Again, this wouldn’t be possible without all of our donators, so once again, thank you!
List of ABM donators: Denyamana, MonochromeEmiru, Heather, Jullienne, jamie_n_n_, mblaqmawii, jedijaina, rizzle_d, super_star126, blaqbi, HanP88,
Julia B, Carmie., Nik Z. N.

Until next time,

Images: Niki / Template: MonochromeEmiru

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