Automatic searching on Opera

CREDIT: Bubblepop @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

  • Click with the right button between “Start Page Randomizer”  and “Randomize Again” choose “reload every” , the option “custom” and put 3m15s.
  • This way they’ll be searched evey 3 minutes and so on!

Tutorial by: @87linePLUS, @MIR_BR (that’s me) and myvillageidiots (from tumblr that helped me to translate this)
it works. But as you will see Naver doesn’t work in the randomizer… So we have to do it in the normal way there.
don’t forget to disable the save History option under:
Settings>Preferences>Advanced> History
Set “0” for Addresses and unclick remember content on visited page. You’re done! You’ll will automatically be searching for MBLAQ every 3 minutes without moving a finger!
Let’s go A+
Last part was add by @rogue169 (tumblr)

One Comment on “Automatic searching on Opera”

  1. Kihsay
    November 15, 2012 at 2:18 am #

    Hi, the link for Randomizer is not working anymore. Are there any other links you could provide for this? Thank you.

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