Mnet SMS Vote

Credit: mocha @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

SMS Votes count for 10% of the points on Mnet M Countdown Rank. This tutorial will show you how to submit your vote by SMS/text messaging from outside of Korea.

How to vote…

  • If MBLAQ is 1 of the 3 candidates for 1st place on M Countdown, type 엠블랙 and send your SMS/text to +822566 or +8222566 (+82 is Korea’s country code, 2 is Seoul’s area code and 2566 is Mnet’s number) **If the 1st number without the area code doesn’t work, use the 2nd one** Go here if you’re unsure of what codes you should include: http://www.timeandda…ing.html?p2=235

Ways to send SMS/text…

  • Cell phone You must have subscription for international SMS/text messaging service from your mobile service provider for your cell phone. In most cases it’s not free, but it’s the most reliable.
  • Smartphone Apps (i.e. iPhone, iPod, Android, etc.) You may find apps that provide international SMS/text messaging service. They usually require some sort of internet connection, i.e. WI-FI or your existing data plan (3G). Unfortunately some of them work in certain countries only, some others just simply don’t work (because both the sender and receiver have to be its users), and not all of them are free.
  • Text Messaging Via Internet Some websites/software applications provide international SMS/text messaging service. Again not all of them are free and/or available in your country. Here are some examples: Yahoo! Messenger Textfree Web (go here for more info and here for instructions) SlideSMS Skype (NOT FREE!)

Note: If you know any apps that can send SMS/texts to ANY Korean phone numbers or any websites that provide international SMS/text messaging service other than those listed above, please reply below or PM me and I will update this tutorial.
*Please note that the services provided by the websites above have their own rules and fees that are subject to change by the respective company at anytime without notice. AbsoluteMBLAQ and its staff are not responsible for any kind of losses incurred from using these services.

  • You can ONLY vote while M Countdown is on air from 6:00pm – 7:30pm KST every Thursday
  • Duplicate votes do not count!
  • Make sure you type 엠블랙 in HANGUL (NO English!!) or it won’t count! To type in Hangul, add Korean as an international keyboard on your device or just copy and paste it from the web
  • Don’t forget to stream/search on Mnet Korea when M Countdown is on air because real-time charts count for 5% of the M Countdown Rank!

2 Comments on “Mnet SMS Vote”

  1. June 20, 2013 at 6:25 pm #

    I found this and I send a message.. I don’t know if really sent but it’s available. I couldn’t did it with textfree web… I hope it helps :)

  2. Yi Yun
    June 8, 2014 at 12:50 pm #

    don’t need to change the time zone to KST?m

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