110113 Send Your Holiday Greetings to MBLAQ!

Hello LOVELY A+!

You all should know by now that Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza and New Years is coming up (or already started) and we thought it would be a good idea to send our dearest boys men some of our Holiday cheer! I know it’s short notice but it shouldn’t take you too long to do this project so I’m hoping we have many members interested and participate! Because MBLAQ needs some warmth and love during this cold and festive season!

Basically if you guys have done the postcard project this past summer it is pretty similar except instead of postcards we’ll be sending them actual cards for the holidays!

UPDATE 01/13/2011:

Hello, if you guys haven’t heard, I sent the box 01/06/2011 and according to USPS it should arrive there in 6-10 business days. I will definitely update this thread once I find out if they’ve received it or not, and unfortunately to those of you wondering, I will probably be just getting confirmation of receivement and not the reaction of the boys. But before I wrapped and packed everything up I took a few pictures of all your hard work ready to get packed up and out! I would also like to tell everyone, I did not open the envelopes containing the card for privacy purposes ^^

Also, due to the large amount of space in the box, I decided to fill the box with some yummy chocolates I bought originally for myself. HAHA. Oh, the sacrifices of a fangirl.

I just want to say thank you to all who participated and also sorry to the people whose cards never got here ㅠㅠ I’m thinking in the future we either give this more time or we don’t do projects where everyone sends something because whether we like it or not, things WILL get lost in the mail ㅠㅠ but you know, we will have many other opportunities through projects to send your love to the boys, so everyone upset about your card not arriving, smile and let’s look forward to a more successful 2011!<3

Here are some pictures:

Everyone’s envelopes! Haha isn’t it funny how almost everyone has the same stamps? Minus the members from different countries. It was definitely interesting getting mail from all over the world. I believe my mailman was bewildered as well keke<3

The chocolates I bought for myself but ended up sending along with the cards. Yum yum~

The smallest box available a the time at Staples… with all the cards!! Don’t worry, I made sure to stuff it nice and cozy so it doesn’t knock all over the place.

That’s all the pictures I had time to take ㅠㅠ but I was very pleasantly surprised at all the cards and how creative and artistic you all were! And I am REALLY thankful that everyone followed the rules to point! ABM members, you guys are great!

Will update once again when I receive confirmation!

UPDATE 01/20/2011:

The boys have received it!

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