MBLAQ Audio Tunes

Download links in this area include radio rips, perf rips, unofficial song covers, etc. that were posted on the forum prior to closing.
We will NOT be updating any Audio Tunes.

120403 [AUDIO] Hurricane – MBLAQ G.O and Seungho (MBC Icon Beautiful Concert) Here
120214 [AUDIO] MBLAQ @ Icon – G.O.D’s Lie Mediafire
110916 [AUDIO] If I Fall In Love (Ten Ten Club) – MBLAQ Seungho Here
110911 [AUDIO] That Man, That Woman (Inkigayo) – MBLAQ G.O & Sistar Hyorin Here
110910 [AUDIO] Heart is Painful (Immortal Song 2) – MBLAQ G.O Here
110903 [AUDIO] To You Again (Immortal Song 2) – MBLAQ G.O Here
110827 [AUDIO] Tonight (Immortal Song 2) – MBLAQ G.O Here
110820 [AUDIO] Let’s Go On A Trip (Immortal Song 2) – MBLAQ G.O and Jo Yeo Jeong Here
110813 [AUDIO] I Can’t Forget (Immortal Song 2) – MBLAQ G.O Here
110809 [AUDIO] Cleaning (MNET MUST) – MBLAQ Seungho Here
110806 [AUDIO] Killer (Immortal Song 2) – MBLAQ G.O with Kan Mi Yeon  here
110716 [AUDIO] You’re Leaving For Memories (Immortal Song 2) – MBLAQ G.O here
110709 [AUDIO] Scars Deeper Than Love (Immortal Song 2) – MBLAQ G.O w/ Lim Jung Hee here
110702 [AUDIO] Your Love is Enough (Immortal Song 2) – MBLAQ G.O  here
110701 [RADIO] MBLAQ on Rainbowtown FM CLICK
110626 [AUDIO] Love Is A Cold Temptation (Immortal Song 2) – MBLAQ G.O here
110202 [AUDIO] Mir singing Trot on LoveFM Here
110123 [AUDIO] MBLAQ @ Inkigayo – G.O.D’s One Candle  [Mediafire]
101015 MBLAQ – ChapStick Song LINK HERE
100820 [RADIO] Starry Night Radio (Seungho, Joon, Chundoong, & Mir MEDIAFIRE
100818 [RADIO] Seungho & Mir @ KBS Narsha’s Volume Up Navol_100818
100805 [RADIO] Seungho as a Guest DJ @ KBS Narsha’s Volume Up Navol_100805.mp3
[AUDIO] Y & OH YEAH at Rain’s Love Tour Concert OH YEAH 4.59 mb // Y 4.76 mb
100728 [RADIO] Seungho, Teen Top’s Niel @ Narsha’s Volume Up Navol_100728
100726 [RADIO] Seungho & Cheondoong, Sistar’s So Yoo & Bora @ KBS Sukira Sukira_100726
100719 [RADIO] Seungho & Cheondoong, Miss A’s Suzy & Jia @ KBS Sukira Sukira Sukira_100719
100706 [RADIO] Seung Ho as a DJ @ MBC Shim Shim Ta Pa Shimshim_100706
100628 [RADIO] Seungho & Cheondoong @ KBS Sukira Sukira_100628
100605 [AUDIO] Seungho (Piano) ft. Cheondoong (Vocal) – Right Now (na na na) Download: MF LINK
100511 [RADIO] G.O accompanied by Seung Ho on the piano – Lately DOWNLOAD MP3 HERE
100419 [AUDIO] GO @ MNET A-Live
Jungyup Ft. GO – You Are My Lady
J Ft. GO – Even If We Can’t Speak Of The End
100409 [RADIO] MBLAQ’s GO – One Last Cry @ Maybee Volume Up DOWNLOAD MP3
100205-7 [AUDIO] Gavy NJ – Sunflower ft. Mir

100205 Music Bank
100206 Music Core
100207 Popular Song

091118 [RADIO] Go Baek @ Seo Kyeong Seok’s Music Show Download
091105 [RADIO] G.O – All In Love Is Fair here
091010 [AUDIO] BYUNG HEE (G.O) – So Sick here
071010 [AUDIO] Byung Hee (TYKEYS) – Lately here
061114 [AUDIO] Round3 OST (Lee Hyeon Jong Feat. Yang Seung Ho) – Gray Sky DOWNLOAD

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