Increase Digital Sales by 1-Minute Preview Streaming

Increase Digital Sales by 1-Minute Preview Streaming

Credit: mocha @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

We all know that digital sales play a significant part in winning on music programs (M Countdown, Music Bank & Inkigayo), but as most of the Korean music portals do not accept foreign purchases, how does an international A+ help with the digital sales?
This tutorial will show you how to increase the digital sales by streaming the 1-minute preview on various websites.

Where to stream…

Melon HERE

olleh music (formerly Dorisak) HERE


**Make sure you are on the Korean Mnet site, not the global one**

Soribada HERE

Naver Music HERE

Daum Music HERE

How to stream…

  • When you are on the album page, click on the title of the song you want to listen to
  • For multiple songs, check the boxes next to the songs and click “듣기” (listen)


  • DON’T MUTE/SKIP/PAUSE before the song ends or it won’t count!
  • If it does not work on your browser, use Internet Explorer (It doesn’t play on Mnet, Bugs and olleh on my PC when using Mozilla Firefox)
  • Make sure you delete the song from your playlist by clicking “삭제” before you exit the player/site (and for Mnet click “로그아웃” to log out) when you finish streaming or it may not count
  • Streaming their teasers/MVs on the above websites would also help! For example, Mnet

  • Some sites may require you to download and install their own player before you can stream. Just follow their instructions when such a screen pops up
  • Unfortunately for now Soribada (English) and Mnet Korea (go here for instruction) are the only websites where a foreigner can buy, download and stream the full song
  • Some have argued that streaming the 1-minute preview does not count towards the charts (i.e. Soribada and Mnet), but at this moment there is NO confirmation of what counts and what doesn’t



One Comment on “Increase Digital Sales by 1-Minute Preview Streaming”

  1. June 27, 2013 at 3:01 pm #

    do we have to log in before streaming?

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