110605 MBLAQ at K-pop Heal the World Project (Singapore)

Heyyyyy everyone~

We’re back from our 3-Day MBLAQ Singapore “trip”. Ok maybe not fully 3days but about 42hours of MBLAQ.
It was all so much fun. smile.gif We will put up our fan account asap.

& As you guys all know they were here this weekend for the Kpop Heal the World concert.
and that ABM had the chance to pass gifts to the boys. Unfortunately, because there was a delay in rehearsals and stuff, the presenting gifts session for the forums was cancelled. But the gifts would still reach them, just that it wasnt passed personally by us but by one of the organizers’ staff.

Here are the gifts we got:

A Toy Story 3 Storybook Pillow – JOON

One Piece T-shirt – CHEONDUNG

One Piece Photobook + Chopper Figurine – MIR

I took the pictures before labelling them. So no worries! We’ve got them all labelled with the apple and their names. smile.gif and sorry if the pictures didn’t turn out good. D:

We also bought them food. Thanks to xuaaan who helped us to get the food as both of us didn’t had time to. So we didn’t take pictures of the food. But I got these online just to show you guys how it looks like.

BBQ Pork aka Bah Kwa

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Both of it might look normal and plain. BUT THEY ARE REALLY DELICIOUS. 진짜너무맛있어요!
Seungho would have loved the BBQ Pork I guess! hahaah

If you’re thinking why i didn’t get Mir One Piece t-shirts too.
It’s coz previously when I went to BKK I had already bought 2 One Piece tees for him. So this time I got it for Doongie!

I hope the gifts are ok and that you guys liked it. and also really sorry to Seungho and G.O fans, there was limited time and we could not find a suitable gift for them. sad.gif We felt so bad for not being able to give them something. I hope you guys don’t mind about it.. T.T And we didn’t realise it was their 600days today. If not we could have did something special for them. BIG SIGHS. T.T


Credits to linxiie, msshady, xuaaan, and all the staff @ AbsoluteMBLAQ for making this project happen! 

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