Increase Digital Score of Music Programs by Searching

Increase Digital Score by Searching

We all know that digital sales play a significant part in winning on music programs (M Countdown, Music Bank & Inkigayo), but as most of the Korean music portals do not accept foreign purchases, how does an international A+ help with the digital score?
This tutorial will show you how to increase the digital score by searching for MBLAQ and their songs on various websites.

Website information and screenshots…

Melon (the largest music portal in SK, searching counts towards 10% on Inkigayo) HERE

olleh music (formerly called Dorisak, searching counts towards 10% on MuBank) HERE

Bugs (2nd largest music portal in SK, searching counts towards MuBank)

Mnet (counts towards all 3 music programs)
**Make sure you are on the Korean site, not the global one**


Naver Music

Naver (searching counts towards Inkigayo)

Nate (searching counts towards Inkigayo)

How to search…

  • Put “MBLAQ” and/or the song title (i.e. 엠블랙, MBLAQ, 낙서, 엠블랙 낙서, etc.) in the search box
  • Click “Search” (검색) or press “Enter”
  • Click the one you want to view
  • Stay on the result page for at least 2 minutes before you close the tab/browser and then open a new tab/browser to search again


  • You may search as many times as you want and it’s FREE!
  • The chart for artists is separated from the one for songs, so I suggest you to change your search from time to time (엠블랙 only, song title only or both together)
  • There are rumors saying that searching works better on IE, but they are just rumors so it’s up to you



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