AbsoluteMBLAQ Staff

As you all may know, there is more than one person behind AbsoluteMBLAQ. We have a group of hardworking staff that take their free time to translate, upload, sub, and so much more on behalf of AbsoluteMBLAQ.

Therefore, in order to give appreciation in some way to our AbsoluteMBLAQ Dongba Staff Crew, we are listing below the people who are truly behind AbsoluteMBLAQ.

AbsoluteMBLAQ Executives:
Admin: liliceprincess (Wendy) // gowithssong (Holly)
Finance Manager: Rafa
Project Coordinator: Afrah / Saf
Subbing Coordinator: mocha (Jenny)
Graphics Coordinator: MonochromeEmiru (Sara)
Uploading Coordinator: yangseungho_elf (Ayshe)

Graphic Team:

** Graphics Coordinator: MonochromeEmiru (Sara)
rawfudge (Rafa)
onepackabs (Siszy)

Translator Team:

Lirange (Sarah – Korean translator)
Mikun (Mio – Japanese translator)

News, Media, Pictures Team:

Admin: liliceprincess (Wendy) //gowithssong (Holly)
adorkableMBLAQ (Jen)
afrah! (Afrah)


Psychopearl (Pearl)
Linxxie (Linx)
Manjjij (Mannie)
Kul 크리 (Kul)
mr kl

Uploader Team:

**Uploading Coordinator: MBLAQTurkey (Ayshe)

Special thanks to rainvsxiah (Samar) for sponsoring our AbsoluteMBLAQ Photobucket!
Special thanks to qwert, though not official staff, for always helping & contributing to AbsoluteMBLAQ.

To all our previous staff who were with us, but retired, we thank you for your hardwork that you did while you were a staff.

**Note: If you are currently a staff, and I forgot to list your name! I don’t mean to! Just let me know :)

One Comment on “AbsoluteMBLAQ Staff”

  1. February 27, 2014 at 12:00 am #

    I really want to take a moment to thank this incredible team for ALL of your tireless hard work you do on behalf of MBLAQ. I am so happy to have found you and appreciate everything you do! Thank you for keep us all so well-informed!!♥♥♥

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