140317 [TWITTER] J.Tune Camp’s Tweets

Source: J.Tune Camp’s Twitter
Translation: rawfudge@AbsoluteMBLAQ.net.
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Bi4xnW1CEAAw_pc.jpg large

[MBLAQ] 2014.03.17 12PM ‘Between Us’ Release! Before the performance in Osaka, hyung and dongsaeng’s friendly moment!

G.O, Thunder #BetweenUs


Bi43ZIGCQAAZXxg.jpg large

[MBLAQ] MBLAQ, new song ‘Between Us’ release on the 17th ‘Ballad that brings a spring feeling’ me2.do/IxtuaNJN #BetweenUs


Bi43ZIGCQAAZXxg.jpg large

[MBLAQ] Finally! ‘Between Us’ Release.
You can’t stop the streaming… (You can’t stop!!) Everybody mobilize precisely now! #BetweenUs
>Link : http://bit.ly/Omyhba



[MBLAQ] STARCAST : “Between Chic and Noisy”…MBLAQ, Jacket Shoot Close Coverage (+ #MBLAQ Comeback Spoiler) http://me2.do/5fOYzaER

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