131213 [NEWS] MBLAQ Holds “2013 MBLAQ GLOBAL SENSATION TOUR” Encore Concert

Source: RanRan Entertainment
Translation: MMoto0407@AbsoluteMBLAQ.net.
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Making a debut in October 2009, they were called “chic-dol” and became a hot topic. MBLAQ is a group which attracted much popularity with an appeal that is quite different from other K-POP groups. They jumped out of Asia and starting with ZEPP TOUR in August, held a “GLOBAL SENSATION TOUR” around the world and ended in a success. As the final show of the tour, “2013 MBLAQ GLOBAL SENSATION TOUR ENCORE IN JAPAN” was held on December 7th and 8th, rounded off the year 2013 with fans.


On December 8, the day of the final stage, Yokosuka Arts Theatre was filled with heat that could blow away the coldness outside.

When the silhouette of the 5 members showed up on the upper stage, the penlights were shaken and loud shouts echoed throughout the venue. Seungho, G.O, Lee Joon, Mir and Cheondung appeared in black costumes and performed “Y,” “Again” and “STAY.” The venue was heated at once and fans were standing and screaming from the beginning.

Mir screamed “Kyahoo!” The members were also excited, seeing the theater packed up to 5th floor. G.O said “Thank you, I am happy to see so many of you!” When Lee Joon screamed “Are you ready to play with us?” the fans responded “Yey!”

The members danced cutely to “She’s Breathtaking.” Continued by ballads “I Think You Know” and “Pray,” the contrasts of their calm and active sides made the show mature and sophisticated.


On solo stages, each performance was even more polished. Fans fell for G.O’s sweet voice singing “Play that Song.” Cheondung revealed his increased sexiness by performing the chair and handkerchief dance on “Don’t Go.” Mir performed “Come Here” for the first time in Japan, lifting up the audience with a bouncy and heavy hip-hop sound. Seungho also performed a hip-hop song “Watch Me Going Crazy” which heated up the crowd more.

The costumes were changed from black to white and “SEXY BEAT” was performed with full sexiness. Followed by an electronic number “SMOKY GIRL,” they showed a creative yet high-sensed stage. MBLAQ showed that they are always pursuing a new performance.

When the highlight of the tour starting with Joon’s solo followed by girls group medley started, the fans laughed so hard. Joon wore a black dress and a blond wig and became IU. Cheondung dressed as his real sister, DARA of 2NE1, and completely copied “I AM THE BEST.” And then all the members wore gold leotards and performed Beyonce’s “Single Lady” with a powerful dance. Meticulous Mir appeared with a stuffed bra.

“This is War” started with Seungho’s piano intro and the fans were sighing with impressions to the special presentation. The members went on performing “CRY,” “MONA LISA” and “BEAUTIFUL.”

G.O announced, “We will release a new single in early spring next year! We are planning to hold a live concert,” the storm of applause occurred. Mir explained, “It will be different from the MBLAQ that we have been, so I am sure you will be surprised” and fans were filled with great expectations.


Up until encore, 24 songs were performed and the hot stage was closed. However, the fans were still excited and even the ending announcement was repeated and the lights were turned on, the MBLAQ call did not stop. At last, the members came on to the stage again and greeted. They showed the greatest smile as they did not seem to want to leave the stage.

They are already preparing for 2014. MBLAQ provided us a fun stage with songs, dance and laughter. Hopefully we will be able to see matured members next year.

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3 Comments on “131213 [NEWS] MBLAQ Holds “2013 MBLAQ GLOBAL SENSATION TOUR” Encore Concert”

  1. aintnobody
    December 16, 2013 at 9:03 am #

    JA+ make me proud with how much they love our boys~

  2. blaq
    December 16, 2013 at 10:49 pm #

    wow…. MBLAQ is so LOVED In JAPAN!!!

  3. Mayuri
    December 16, 2013 at 11:10 pm #

    wish i too was in Japan to show love to our boys :3

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