131116 [NEWS] MBLAQ (Mir) Dominate in Hula Hopping, Lifting Dumbbells, and Waist Endurance

Source: AppleDaily
Translated by mocha @ AbsoluteMBLAQ.net

Korean group MBLAQ visited Taiwan the 4th time yesterday, transformed into sporty boys, playing hula hoop and lifting dumbbell to competing in their skills. MBLAQ member Mir showed his special talent “Speedy Hula Hoop” and hula hooped 56 times in 17 seconds. He also did the best when competing in endurance with lifting dumbbell, got double championship in waist strength and muscle strength. He jokingly said, “Thank you to my parents and my left hand because they made me win!”

MBLAQ, formed by Lee Joon, Cheondung, Mir, G.O and Seungho, has debuted for 4 years. They will have a concert in Nankang tonight. They arrived in Taiwan yesterday and attracted almost 200 fans to welcome them in the airport. Cheondung said, “I’m happy to see the Taiwanese fans.” They played hula loop and lifted dumbbell as a warm-up for the concert at the hotel yesterday. Mir only weighs 60kg, but his strength is the best. He played hula loop from his neck to his waist. He also showed his speedy hooping skill. Lee Joon screamed, “My stomach hurts,” just after a few hoops. G.O is the weakest that his hula hoop dropped to the ground just after a few hoops. Mir was also confident in lifting dumbbell. He defeated Seungho in the first round, and then he beat G.O in the final round and won double championship.

When talking about the most difficult thing after debut, Mir yelled out “sleep paralysis” without hesitation and said with no sense, “Sometimes I get it twice a day. I’m so used to it now. I even feel that my stress is relieved sometimes.” They live at the same dorm, so there must be times that they don’t agree with each other. G.O said hilariously, “If it’s really bad we would use our fists (fight).” The tickets of their concert at Nankang 101 tonight has been sold 70%. May purchase tickets on the spot.

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3 Comments on “131116 [NEWS] MBLAQ (Mir) Dominate in Hula Hopping, Lifting Dumbbells, and Waist Endurance”

  1. aintnobody
    November 16, 2013 at 11:11 am #

    ahahahah mir is surprising strong even though he doesn’t have the muscle so show

  2. blaq
    November 16, 2013 at 11:28 am #

    hahah.. that’s the apple farm boy.. heheh.. and yay.. only 60 kilgrams?? waayy… MIRUE… GAIN SOME WEIGHT !!!

  3. mirr lover
    November 16, 2013 at 11:30 am #

    Yupp..no wonder he was selected by jtc to joined law of the jungle n real man..Heeee

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