MBLAQ 4th Year Anniversary Giveaway #1

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In order to celebrate MBLAQ’s 4th year anniversary, we are spreading a total of four giveaways spread throughout our blog, facebook to twitter! Join us in celebrating MBLAQ’s 4th year, not only by trending, but also AbsoluteMBLAQ would also like to  spread some thanks for A+ and especially our followers!

Wondering where the other 3 giveaways are at? Be sure to check our twitter exclusively for the notices!
NOTE: We are having a total of 4 SEPARATE giveaways, if you want to join all four you can!
However, winners cannot win more than one giveaway.


MBLAQ has not only brought A+ and MBLAQ together, it has also brought friendship between A+ from all over the world. We have not only built memories with MBLAQ, but also memories of laughter and happiness between friends. And we want to hear about those memories!

Duration: October 15 2013 00:00AM – 11:59PM KST

ENTRY MUST BE EMAILED TO absolutemblaqprojects@gmail.com
You must include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Tell us in a short write-up about one or more friend(s) that you have met because of MBLAQ and how they have changed your life. Whether it is, a new best friend on the other side of the world or a friend for a lifetime.

Prize: Random Prize ranging from AbsoluteMBLAQ merchandise to MBLAQ Album.

Winner will be announced in this thread as well as on twitter on October 16 KST.
**Once a winner has been announced, it is the responsibility for the winner to email us at absolutemblaqprojects@gmail.com with first name, last name, and address to send the prize!

Thank you all the entries. We received a total of 34 entries. It felt really good to read all the entries and knowing how MBLAQ has impacted A+ in many ways.

And the winner is…….. *drum rolls*

Mélanie Cotting

Below is her entry:

Thanks to MBLAQ I’ve met so many nice people who always have a sweet word to cheer each other up when one of us is feeling down, that I’m really proud to be part of the A+ family, because that’s what we are, a family, not just a fandom.
There’s an A+ I’ve met through twitter during This Is War promotion and our love for the boys quickly make us become close friend :) We’ve talked a lot about MBLAQ first, but not only. We opened to each other about our lives, our dreams, our fears and worries… We are both busy in our studies but we always find time to send cheering and funny text messages, about how our classes would be amazing if MBLAQ were our classmates, joking at how dorky they are and I can’t count how many time I laughed in the public means of transport while reading her message on my phone ! :)
Surprisingly we found out we leaved in the same country, a little more than 4 hours ride from each other. So a little less than one year ago, we both took the train and met in a city in the middle distance of our respective cities. It was last January and the weather was freezing! It was also the first time I ever met an A+ in real! <3 We spent the whole day from early in the morning to late at night visiting the city, taking picture together and well, simply enjoy our time together as close friend :) We went to eat at a korean restaurant, promising ourselves that one day we will travel to South Korea together and so much more. 
Real friends are rare and I will be endlessly thankful towards MBLAQ for having bring this friend on my way. 
So here is my short story, a simple one but we often say that the simplest things are the best and somehow, I really treasure this friendship <3


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7 Comments on “MBLAQ 4th Year Anniversary Giveaway #1”

  1. Kae
    October 15, 2013 at 12:42 am #

    ~ Katarina Petric
    ~ katarina.petric.94@gmail.com
    ~ Alrighty, it was exactly 4 years ago, I just enrolled high school and was sitting on the stairs at a break and fangirling over MBLAQs Oh Yeah on my phone. At that time, I was alone cuz I didn’t know anyone, nor did anyone listen to kpop. But everything changed when a small, cute girl heard me squealing (more like screaming and dying, but okay x’D) and came to me. I showed her the MV and she screamed with me lol. Since then, we scream and fangirl together over every MV. We made a deal and we don’t watch any new MBLAQ MV without eachother. So, expect the MBL4Q anniversary, it’s the 4 anniversary of our friendship~ ♥

  2. mblaqobsessed
    October 15, 2013 at 3:53 am #

    Name: Melliza A.
    Email: elliz26fly@rocketmail.com

    It started with me being on tumblr as per usual reblogging posts. There was one post where i got tagged in to answer questions and then tag other people. So I did and tagged a few people. After that, a few A+ started messaging me. Then MBLAQ’s comeblaq came up and i started fangirling like crazy and more people messaged me. i was really shy and all at first. I’m really bad at socializing LOL.. But after a few messages or so, we all got close. We talk about the most randomest things you can imagine and fangirl over MBLAQ so much it’s crazy haha. Ever since, we message eachother everyday. I’ve known them for more than 5 months now and i’m happy i’ve met them.

  3. Roxana Suciu
    October 15, 2013 at 4:23 am #

    Roxana Suciu
    Actually my best friend was an A+ before me. We stayed for 3 years in a student hostel together. She showed me MBLAQ. I was stunned. Now she’s in Tokyo. We talk everyday. We buy MBLQ albums. We still fangirl together over them.

  4. meeska
    October 15, 2013 at 5:27 am #

    Name: Monica Vue
    Email: vue.monica@gmail.com
    So I don’t really know many people who are into MBLAQ let alone Kpop. But like around mid summer of 2013 I was so MBLAQ deprived I was watching Hello Baby again for like the 3rd time while I was waiting in line at the DMV and I met my kpop bestie Karoline, She was sitting behind me and tapped me on the shoulders and asked me if she can watched too and we basically connects and just started fangirling like crazy, we almost missed our numbers being called She’s now studying in South Korea, yes I’m very jelly, but we still Skype and video call each other like crazy when an article about MBLAQ come out or whenever there’s a tweet from the boys. having a friend who likes MBLAQ like me changed my life. I use to always think I was weird for fangirling over a kpop group but now I don’t care if I’m weird, I’m not the only one anymore. So yep, I use to be a closet kpop fan but karoline helped me get out of that closet when we were going out to dinner I was driving and she blasted MBLAQs Cry and rolled down the windows. Now I blast MBLAQs music in my car all the time. :)

  5. diah purnamasari
    October 15, 2013 at 2:31 pm #

    Name: Diah Purnamasari

    Email: diahpurnama_12@yahoo.com

    Because Mblaq I have more friends, the first time I found A+ friend when Mblaq concert The Blaq% Tour in Jakarta (Indonesia). I have made many friends while watching the concert and until now we are friends even like family, we have a family that named Y family. we always share news about Mblaq even when we will meet and sing discuss about Mblaq. Mblaq for me is a family that can unite many people in this world. because Mblaq I have many friends in account social, we were very pleased when we bought the album of mblaq and share stories about the album, a lot of things that can not be said about mblaq because most of my life has been fused with mblaq

  6. Imsa Shakir
    October 15, 2013 at 5:09 pm #

    -Imsa Shakir

    MBLAQ was one of the first ever groups i got interested in and started investing my time in watching almost all their variety shows, music videos and listening to their music. Which was pretty easy for me, as i never had friends: atleast anyone that had stuck around for more than 2 weeks.
    I always found it difficult to makes friends and this is kind of a sensitive topic for me so i hope i get through this without crying. i was always ignored by my classmates and i know they didnt do it intentionally, i just simply wasnt their type and i understand that. but having no friend for around 8 years made me believe that i am destined to be a loner. i really did think that. it later appeared to me as of having a big group of friends, or having a best friend was something that only happened in movies, and even if i see a group of people i find it amazing how easy it is others to make friends. One day i decided that the people living here aernt simply my type of people. So i started going around this page and other MBLAQ fansites to find foreign friends. The common link between us was MBLAQ and i found myself being the first person to be messaged/texted to (i was always the first to call/text/message any of my “friends”). Which came as a HUGE SHOCK TO ME: i know this might sound silly for some of you but being alone for 8 years is not something that can be changed that easily.From that moment on, i knew that i had met my type of person. A person who was interested in what i had to say and is eager to spend time with me. I honestly believe that the fact now i have around 2 friends is because of MBLAQ. They are as hyper and dorky as i am and i really love them! and its all thanks to MBLAQ. and the song that made us actually encounter each other was “stay”, that song will always have special place in both of our hearts and a bigger special place will be given to MBLAQ.

  7. Emineh
    October 15, 2013 at 6:14 pm #

    Emineh Daniali
    I met a lot friends because of MBLAQ..I was at music bank in Istanbul just for MBLAQ and find so many awesome peoples there..I find a very good Turkish friend I was there with my best friend that was the best days of my life I won’t forget it..I met lee joon oppa at airport..another awesome things I met a kpop friend last year she didn’t like MBLAQ but now MBLAQ is one of her top 5 favorite kpop groups she loves them because of them that’s awesome because we can fangirling with each other…^___^..now my life completely changed because I met them so close and find awesome international friends too..♥

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