131001 [MSG] MBLAQ (Mir)’s Cafe Message Update

Source: MBLAQ’s Official Cafe
Translation: Holly@AbsoluteMBLAQ.net.
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Title: Hello!!!It’s Mir!!

That’s right,,,oppa,,,friend,,dongsaeng,,,hyung,,,friend,,,dongsaeng,,,person of no interest,,,jajeongeo(bicycle)*,,,,geobugi(turtle)*,,,ileumpyo(nametag)*,,,pyobeom(leopard)*,,


Hello~It’s Mir~!!

It’s been a long time since I’ve left a post,,kyuhuhu,,

You’ve all been well, right~? Lately there are also lots of stages so the fans who saw are doing well and the fans who could not see I believe you’re staying well~

It seemed like I wasn’t able to leave a Chuseok greeting properly so I’m leaving a From(From.MBLAQ section at the cafe) post like this~

During that time because of a bad guy called Slump I was having a hard time I grabbed my feelings and came to the practice room after a long time Seeing the scribbled lyrics I think I’m a lot better~

I believe the empty space during that time was a better time for me all the more~

Somewhat realizing lots of things like learning lessons?

The fans who are also viewing this post now If there are people having a hard time like me hang on as tough Don’t be hasty while spending time Slowly

you will be able if you grab your feelings~

Lived the hard things also Due to being put through problems it won’t be hard all one’s life~? Thinking well you will be able to~yoohoooo

I received lots of love and encouragement from everyone so I’ll be okay now I will be able to do it,,heumheum,,

But it’s already the month of October ~ Living the life of a singer the time seems to really go by fast as I live busily ~

I don’t know how I carry on day-to-day,,ㅠㅁㅠ

When I open my eyes in the morning I wash in a hurry Come out and get ready Without even knowing  where I’m going to I do the schedule and sometimes it becomes dawn

Come to think of it I didn’t eat a single meal so I hurriedly eat and sleep The next day I’m bloated doing work unable to eat a meal again,,

Coming up on stage with an exhausted condition like that MBLAQ placard and the fans,,shout,,

I’m very thankful It’s very fascinating~

During my school days when seeing the singer’s stages decorated very stylishly wearing clothes and that appearance of them receiving love from lots of people while singing a song

I was really envious~I could never even imagine that feeling but somewhere along the line I cannot believe I was able to come up on that stage~

Therefore sometimes when I go on stage I look around once at the fans and audience during doing the ment or while singing a ballad~

What on earth is going on?

Have I been under a hidden camera for 5 years? Thoughts like this come,,even still,,,eoheoheo,,

I would like to give a greeting of thanks once again to everyone who made me a proud son for my parents as a singer like this,,(–)(__)(–)

This has been Mir who carries on living thankfully always,,annyong(bye)*,,,ongdalsaem(spring)*,,,saemhaemingteon(Sam Hammington)*,,,teonteibeul(turntable)*,,,beullijadeu(blizzard)*,,,deulakyulla(Dracula)*,,,lamyeon(ramen)*,,,

myeonsabal(noodle bowl)*,,balnaemsae(foot odor)*,,,saegaseum(pigeon breast),*,,,seumbakwi*,,,kwijeu(quiz)*,,,jeudanopeu(Zhdanov)*,,,peulangseu(France)*,,,seumasyu(smash)*
,,,syukeulim(cream puff)*,,,limbo(limbo)*,,,boleum(fifteen days)*,,,hul,,,

*These words are just random, because he’s playing a game using the last syllable of each word to make a new one.

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3 Comments on “131001 [MSG] MBLAQ (Mir)’s Cafe Message Update”

  1. busybee1982
    October 2, 2013 at 9:19 am #

    keep your strength Mir…not only are your parents proud…you just have no idea how proud and warm hearted so many have come to feel about you….so pleasant, so funny, so serious when you need to be and i for one know that every day or most days is not easy….please make time to eat, if only 15 minutes about 3 times during the day. stay healthy, please.

  2. aintnobody
    October 2, 2013 at 10:10 am #

    mir. a man who never fails to open up to us even though he really doesnt have too.
    im glad we are able to hear about your hardships, it makes you seem more than just a pretty face on a screen. fighting!

  3. Mayuri
    October 5, 2013 at 7:48 am #

    Keep strong our favourite and dearest Maknae Mir <3 Please know that we all are soooooooo proud of you and MBLAQ oppas and we A+ will ALWAYS be here behind you, supporting and loving and cheering you on :)

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