130322 [INTERVIEW] MBLAQ in Haru Hana Magazine Vol. 17 (Japanese) – Part 1

Source: kyamaniki_87 @ twitter
Translated by: mocha @AbsoluteMBLAQ.net

Resuming activities in Japan for the first time in 1 year and 5 months!


Meeting our fans again after a long time
We included our feeling of wanting to meet you in the song

Newly Reborn “MONA LISA”

MBLAQ, who debuted in Japan with “Your Luv” in 2011, will resume their activities in this Spring in Japan for the first time in 1 year and 5 months! The song they chose for their 1st shot of comeback after a long time is the Japanese version of “MONA LISA.”

Seungho “We’ve done promotion with this song in Korea, but when it’s changed into Japanese the atmosphere is also different that I feel like revealing a new song. The lyrics and MV are also different, so please try to feel the differences from the original!”

Cheondung “With the lyrics changed into Japanese, I feel a sense of gentleness showing in the content. Or perhaps I should say it has a gentler feeling than the atmosphere of the original song…”

Mir “We have released 2 Japanese singles so far, but didn’t the song this time turn out to be the most natural? Since the rap was also in Japanese it was difficult, but I did my best!”

G.O “I also had fun doing the recording. The Japanese staff came to Korea for us that we were able to do it at ease in an environment where we could relax, and personally it was very easy to sing.”

—–I heard that you also filmed your MV anew.

Cheondung “We filmed it at an underground parking lot, but actually the filming day was the coldest day in this winter in Korea! It was super cold! I filmed it while shaking, but it turned out to be pretty cool. It was cold and my body was stiff, so conversely it might have become a good atmosphere that had a sense of nervousness (laugh).”

Seungho “At the time of the filming my collarbone was injured and I couldn’t move my left arm. Did anyone notice that? It’s really amazing if someone did (laugh).”

Mir “Only our handsome poses are included in the MV, but at the scene it was a situation in which we were somehow enduring with heaters and hot pads. Please watch it while imagining that (laugh).”

—–You held TALK & LIVE in Japan in February. Is there anything particularly impressive?

Seungho “We’ve been having a lot of solo activities lately, and for us to stand on the stage and sing together in 5 after a long time was in itself enjoyable. The thing that was requested the most was “please show your aegyo”, but really…they were like appearing in my dream (laugh).”

Mir “At the question board event, someone wrote “I want to be your pet snake (laugh).” The idea of a human being wanting to be a snake was so interesting and impressive.”

—–What do you want to do together with your fans in Japan?

Mir “Dome tour. I want to go to all the big live venues of Japan! I want the members and fans to taste the moving moments together.”

G.O “Not just live, but I also wish there will be more events where we can get close to all the fans. I want to have meetings like the “MONA LISA -Japanese Version-” purchaser event in May, too.”

—–Lastly a message to your fans!

Mir “We’ve been receiving a lot of messages like “I want to meet you” or “When will you come to Japan?” from people in Japan on Twitter and the like, so I’m really happy that we can come to Japan again!”

Lee Joon “While on the one hand I’m happy, to be honest, I’m under a bit of pressure. Since we’re going to meet you after a long time, I want you to think that we’re more matured than before… Although it’s the same song, I think the newly reborn “MONA LISA” will give us a chance to grow!”

Cheondung “With the feeling of wanting to meet all of you with our music we worked very hard, so I will be glad if you can listen to it a lot.”

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