[HIRING] AbsoluteMBLAQ Staff Positions

Hi, AbsoluteMBLAQ viewers!

We are currently doing recruitment for AbsoluteMBLAQ staff and AbsoluteMBLAQ Subs (ABMSubs) Team!  With MBLAQ’s comeback soon on the way, we are in strong demand for new staff members!  In all due seriousness, we truly are in need of people to fill in the staff positions in order for AbsoluteMBLAQ to be updated. Please DO NOT apply if you will not have the time to commit to your position.

Below are the positions and general requirements for each postion.  Please email us with what position(s) you are interested in to absolutemblaq@gmail.com.


Email Content:
Time available:
Twitter (If you have one, as we have staff twitter)
Position Applying For:
We will send you a reply pertaining to the position afterwards.

Positions available & general requirements:


  • Looking particularly in Asia region-based bloggers (In other words, time zones, other than the Americas).
  • Dedicated/Committed and willing to take hours a day in blogger
  • Some knowledge of blogging on WordPress (tutorial will be available)
  • Can keep up with MBLAQ’s schedule on a daily basis
  • Knowledge and access to Twitter, Naver, various Korean websites for information and updates


  • Applicants with high internet speed
  • Please visit http://www.speedtest.net and include your download and upload speed in your application form
  • Knowledge of the entire process of uploading videos (sources for videos, ripping videos, etc.)
  • Be able to download and re-upload onto Mediafire & various uploading websites
  • You will be e-mailed with info on where to find HQ downloads after applying and will be on a trial basis to see how prompt you can update


  • We are looking for a couple more graphic designers to help with request every so often
  • Request can range from banners to AbsoluteMBLAQ’s header to assisting in designing various project needs
  • Must have prior knowledge to Photoshop (or programs similar)
  • Must have HTML-CSS web designing experience & expertise
  • MUST submit samples of work

General (Twitter, articles, news, info) Translators:

  • ***Korean Translator:
  •          Able to understand and read Korean.
  •          Able to translate language into English.
  •          Dedicated and can take on translating articles, etc on a DAILY basis.
  • Chinese/Japanese translators
  •          Be able to understand Chinese or Japanese
  •          Be able to translate Chinese → English or Japanese → English
  •          We are in need of 1-2 more Japanese translators that are willing to translate news articles.

Subbing Team:

For the positions below, please email abmsubs@gmail.com.

  • Chinese Translators for Subbing Team: We are in need of as many Chinese translators as possible that can translate from Chinese –> English! With Idol Manager on the way, we need more Chinese translators to help out!
  • Korean Translators
  • Be able to understand and translate Korean into English, be able to follow deadlines, be able to communicate through email.
  • Japanese Translator
  • Be able to understand and translate Japanese into English, be able to follow deadlines, be able to communicate through email.
  • Timers Requirements
  • You should know how to time correctly and is patient because ABMSUBS always time captions also and it’s a lot of work.
  • Typesetter Requirements
  • You should know how to change fonts, colors, positioning, add effects using Ageisub.
  • Encoders Requirements
  • MUST also know how to typeset + time and a reliable Internet speed. This is because our awesome encoders are also Quality Checkers.  We expect our encoder to look over the final subs and make sure everything is in place first before they start to encode. (Beginning credits, logos, no extra stuff).  You must be able to encode in a very good timely manner. You need to have a reliable speed to upload hardsubs onto Youtube and file sharing servers like Mediafire.


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