110930 [NEWS] MBLAQ Mir’s letter from the other side of the world

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“To a heartbreaking extent, people are living in harsh conditions. Yet, I’ve learned a lot from them as they still laugh and be joyous.”

Mir and G.O., who finished volunteer work in Peru which is on the other side of the world, wrote letters regarding the time they spent.

Mir and G.O. participated in MBC’s 50th anniversary special project “KOICA’s Dream”, and participated in volunteer work from the 14th, to the 28th.

Mir and G.O., along with Park Boyoung, Park Jung-ah, Kim Hyojin, and Goo Junyub, put aside their celebrity status and worked hard to provide help.

Mir and G.O., who had an anticipating heart after stepping on Peru for their first time in their life after a 26 hour ride plane, had to throw away their fears. However, these celebrities who gave hope, dreams, and courage have hearts that are happier than ever.


<Mir’s Letter>

We arrived in Lima airport after riding the airplane from Korea for 26 hours. As soon as we landed, we headed to Cusco.

Cusco is a very high place, so it is very easy to get scared of heights there. My body is very fit, so I thought lightly of it but as soon as we arrived, my head hurt a lot and it was hard for me to breathe.

It was so bad that we were supposed to go to a gym and practice a Taekwondo routine but I couldn’t because I had to lay down.

That’s how others who finished the Taekwondo practice had to go to a beautiful place with an amazing cathedral and promote our demonstration as well.

It was a job of handing out papers to people, but the Peru people responded kindly and said that they would surely come. After the promoting was successfully finished, we ate and went home and went to sleep. Even though I had the height phobia, I slept well.

After getting used to the heights and practicing hard, the demonstration day came closer and closer. It felt as nervous as going to perform, but I was relieved when I saw how many people came to watch us. We felt so proud promoting our country’s Taekwondo to another country. I will not forget how much emotion I felt on that day.

After stopping in Lima, we headed toward Huaraz. Now we were actively going to do our goal of going to a school 4000 miles away and building a restroom, kitchen, and spending time with kids.

When we first arrived, the school was very shocking. The amount of students were 34, but the situation that they were learning in was unbelievable. The materials and building were so bad that our hearts were breaking.

However, the students and teachers mentioned that they were glad and grateful to have this education, and always showed their happiness. After seeing their attitude, I learned a lot.

Our volunteer work that started out like that proved to be a time where I learned a lot. Their attitudes in smiling and being happy while living in a bad condition, the KOICA volunteers who rushed to Peru to help the people because they were so worried by even pushing their own work, and seeing the workers who worked their bodies to the extent of sweating bucketfuls really made me feel touched.

Even though the volunteer relief has not finished, thinking of the last day where we all pumped up and cheered after finishing the volunteer work still makes me happy. I thought that I should really work hard in volunteer work for the remaining time.


*’KOICA’s Dream’ is an organization in Korea which is promoting to teach other countries of the Korean culture. KOICA is promoting in Peru, Paraguay, Srilanka, Ethiopia, and Senegal. The 90 volunteers in MBC that consist of celebrities and regular citizens are helping the countries together.

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2 Comments on “110930 [NEWS] MBLAQ Mir’s letter from the other side of the world”

  1. m a o
    October 1, 2011 at 6:30 pm #


    Much like G.O’s letter, this was really heart warming. coming from a very advanced country, I could only imagine their shock from seeing the situation people are in from the other side of the world.

    I’m sure this is an experience worth remembering and will forever be etched in their hearts. Please continue doing good deeds, guys. A+ are all so proud of you. ❤

  2. busybee1982
    October 1, 2011 at 6:41 pm #

    G.O. and Mir you two will recieve blessings for just being so kind and thoughful to others.

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