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TRANSLATION: yuka1226@AbsoluteMBLAQ


Group Interview

MBLAQ has finally made their debut in Japan in May and caused a sensation.
They came back to Korea and released 3rd mini album called “Mona Lisa”.
Their album jacket is also catching people’s eye with pictures of members
dressed as famous people. We had interview with them in Seoul while they are busy preparing for comeback.

Seungho: We had rare instruments like a Spanish electric guitar and a bandoneon, which make you feel a man’s passion through this song.
G.O: It is catchy, so I hope people in all generation like it.
Cheondung: We also practiced dance harder than ever.
It’s going to be a chance to appeal our image.

On August 20th, the first solo concert “Men in MBLAQ” will be held at
Jamsil hall in Seoul. What’s the stage going to be like?

G.O: On the teaser of the concert, we play roles in the movie “Men in Black”.
Mir: It was almost ad-lib. You can see us as we are.
Seungho: We are planning to make our first solo concert fun and memorable. Nowadays, we practice without sleep. It’s going to be an exciting big event, but cannot reveal the detail now. LOL. Everyone, please come to see us!

MBLAQ won the 1st place on Oricon daily chart in Japan as expected.
How the promotion in Japan affected them?

Seungho: I didn’t expect to hit the 1st place, so was really surprised. I’m thankful to all the fans. I was also touched to see more than 10,000 people came to high-five event in Tokyo. Someday we want to hold a concert at Tokyo Dome.
G.O: We visited many places and I felt Osaka has similar atmosphere to Korea. It made me feel warm.
Joon: I was impressed by tebasaki in Nagoya. LOL. I want to eat again!
Mir: I hear idols debuted in Japan get influenced by Japan, and so are we. I learned that we need to control our mind occasionally. We have still a way to go, so want to show many aspects of MBLAQ!

Solo Interview

Dancing, singing and acrobatics.. Seungho is always perfect on stage, but he really is an unassuming nice guy! That gap makes him more attractive.

What does he keep in mind as being a leader?
SH: I try to keep unswerving policy even when we face difficulties. But to be honest, I cannot help expressing my feelings, So I think I must be the troublesome one. LOL.
Do you confess your passion when you find the one you love?
SH: Yes.. I think I just simply say “I love you!” LOL. Marriage? I cannot imagine yet, but hope to get married around 35.
He has been on lots of Japanese TV programs while promoting in May. Seungho says “It was fun”.
SH: I drank soft-shelled turdle juice for the first time. Japanese shows are sometimes a bit more radical than Korean, but it is interesting.

Personal Questions

Q. How long will it take for packing when you go abroad? Is there anything you always take?
A. About 30 minutes. I take my laptop and watch even for a one-day trip.
Q. What is your favorite liquor? How do you change when you get drunk?
A. I like shochu the best. I don’t really change by drinking.
Q. Were there any impressive Japanese fan?
A. Everyone was very good at Korean… I was really surprised. I was ashamed to speak in my poor Japanese. LOL. I should study harder!
Q. Please draw a picture of what you want to do on summer holidays.
A. I drew a picture of myself walking outside in summer. LOL.


Joon was selected for a model of lingerie brand with his perfect body.
He turned into a sexy adult man from a cheerful boy.
His sexiness suits nickname “chic-dol” .
J: I was really grateful when I was chosen for an advertising model. I trained harder than ever.

He is also a remarkable actor in Korea. Who do you want to work with?
J: I admire Lee Byung-hun. But if I get to work with him, I might be too nervous so it wouldn’t be good. LOL.
He learned a lot from his first promotion in Japan.
J: It was a great experience. It reminded me of what I should be like as a singer. I will work harder, so please watch over us grow more.

Personal Questions

Q. How long will it take for packing when you go abroad? Is there anything you always take?
A. It will take about an hour. Necessary item is a battery charger.
Q. What is the best food you ever had?
A. Ramen. My favorite is “Shim Ramen” which is instant noodles in Korea. LOL.
Q. Do you have any promises among your members?

A. Since we live together in a dormitory, “Let’s keep our rooms clean”. LOL. That is the most important promise.
Q. Please draw a picture of what you want to do on summer holidays.
A. I want to watch tv at home with eating noodles!


G.O has a role of lead vocal with his outstanding singing ability.
He has released the solo single titled “Even in my dreams” which is written and
composed by himself.
G: We focused more on performance on stage, so there are few chances to show audience just my singing. After this, I’ll work harder to show my ability more in both solo and MBLAQ.

G.O is always sincere and positive. Do you want to perform as solo in Japan too?
G: Yes. I want to release a solo album. I’d like to try acting in Japan as well. But I found acting difficult while CF shooting, so I have to learn more. LOL.
He says with smiling that “We became close at heart with Japanese fans” through fanmeeting.
G: Japanese fans are warm like sunshine in the spring. LOL. We’ll see you soon!

Personal Questions

Q. Which song of MBLAQ do you like the best?
A. Definitely 3 songs in our debut single. They are attached and keep playing in my head. We are going to reveal different charms in our comeback in Korea, so please look forward to it.
Q. Are you going to grow your mustache like when you debuted?
A. Actually, I had my mustache grown before debut, but not planning to do again. It was Rain-hyung’s idea. LOL.
Q. How long will it take for packing when you go abroad? Is there anything you always take?
A. It takes long for me. Even for a 1 day stage, it will take about 2 hours. LOL. I always take facial care articles!
Q. Please draw a picture of what you want to do on summer holidays.
A. Drive!


Cheondung was the last one to join MBLAQ and made his debut only in 2 years.
CD: It wasn’t so hard. Other members treated me as a friend and Rain-hyung praised me even when I’m doing no good. LOL. He encouraged me a lot.
Besides the sweetness of his baby face, Cheondung is fluent in English and Tagalog.
CD: Japanese is similar to Korean, but more difficult. Maybe it is easier to learn language like English which is totally different in grammar. But I’m studying hard!
What if you had a chance of solo promotion in Japan?
CD: I’m interested in acting. Japanese dramas are interesting with their practical script. I want to co-star with YUI who was in drama called “Taiyo no uta”.

Personal Questions

Q. What age do you want to get married?
A. Around 35!? That’s the age I can be responsible for kids.. But if I come to know paternity, I don’t mind getting married sooner. LOL.
Q. Were ther any impressive fan in Japan?
A. There was a girl who translated Japanese comics into Korean. I was really touched when I received it!
Q. How long will it take for packing when you go abroad?
A. It takes a whole day… LOL. I pick up things with doing something else. I put things into my luggage when I come up with, so I never finish.. LOL.
Q. Please draw a picture of what you want to do on summer holidays.
A. Amusement park, camp, cruising, MBLAQ concert!


Mir is the youngest whose charms are child like innocence and cheerful rap.
He is the mood-maker in MBLAQ.
M: Always want to be happy! That’s me. So I control my feelings when I’m not well. Because I am the mood-maker…

What do you want to try if you get to work as solo in Japan?
M: I’d love to be a rapper in Japan as well. We have been on some variety shows, but want to entertain you with our music next time.
Mir says he had lots of good influence from Japanese fans.
M: In Korea, people hide that they love idols, but Japanese fans support us without hesitations. I’m really impressed. I want to see you soon.

Personal Questions

Q. Which part of woman attracts you?
A. I like charming eyes. I have something with the lower eyelids. LOL. They are cute somehow.
Q. Do you confess your love when you find someone to love? What would the confession phrase like?
A. I’d propose to her. LOL. I will ask her to marry me. I was born to be dorky, so I can offer that kind of surprise.
Q. Associated with the name of MBLAQ, do you have any black(dark) side?
A. Well… I don’t know by myself, but a girl said to me before “You are a bad guy”. LOL.
Q. Please draw a picture of what you want to do on summer holidays.
A. I want to go to an amusement park!!

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