06.25.10 [INTERVIEW] MBLAQ for Nate News Part 2 (out of 2)

Source: Nate News
Translation: kiwiannabear @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
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MBLAQ | Part 2 | “We Were Jealous of Rain’s Passionate Love”

“Please fix the dorm’s air conditioner.” Group MBLAQ reveals their dorm’s secrets.
(Picture source = J.Tune Entertainment)

Group MBLAQ was first produced by world star ‘Rain’ (real name, Jung Jihoon). They appear in many variety programs with ‘President’ Rain, and are showing their warm images while opening up their true identity.

Knowing Rain more than anyone else, we asked MBLAQ about Rain and Jun Jihyun’s passionate love. As people who closely see Rain, their thoughts were going to be different from Rain’s fans or the public’s eye.

“To tell you the truth, we were jealous.” (G.O.)

G.O.’s clear and quick response brought big laughter to Seungho, Mir, Thunder, and Lee Joon.

“We wanted to think that a healthy 29 year old man can have a passionate love with [Korea’s] best actress. Even though it wasn’t the truth, we were slightly jealous.” (Seungho)

“When we see Rain hyung, we wonder, “Is there another perfect person like him?” Just looking at this guy is charming, but if we see a woman who’s like this also, it would be much more charming. Honestly, no matter who he meets, he is a precious person.” (Lee Joon)

Although we asked about their thoughts on their ‘President’, all 5 members talked about their dorm stories. When we heard that the 5 hot-blooded men were crowed in their dorm, we were prepared to hear about what they lacked.

“We have so many cockroaches. When we sleep, they go inside out mouths, so we wonder if we ate a cockroach. Also, because the air conditioner is old, there are cockroaches inside it. No matter how hot it is, it is hard to just turn it on.” (Mir)

Team leader Seungho exaggerated, “We can’t properly monitor ourselves on TV because our cathode-ray tube isn’t in good condition. Even when Lee Jungjae comes out, its as if he will become life-size.”

The 5 member’s dissatisfaction came out loudly. Then, Mir suddenly took a hold of his ‘happy virus.’

“Even if we eat the cockroaches, we are so happy right now. We have celebrity dreams and because we endured a lot in the past, I always have dreams that I’m getting lots of love after debuting like this.” (Mir)

“Rain hyung’s scandal? Honestly, we were jealous.” MBLAQ members reveal their thoughts on Rain’s passionate love.
(Picture source = J.Tune Entertainment)

Even though G.O. and Seungho haven’t visited their Twitters yet, they are receiving mentions [replies] from foreign fans, which allows them to feel responsibility. As a result, affection towards their group grew larger.

“Now, we almost ran for 8 months. From now on, we have to run a lot more. Like Rain hyung said, until we become ‘acknowledged as 1st place’, we need to run even harder.” (Lee Joon)

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