06.25.10 [INT] MBLAQ for Nate News Part 1 (out of 2)

Source: Nate News
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MBLAQ | Part 1 | “After Getting 1st Place, We Feel As If We Became Singers All Because of Rain”

“We feel like we became singers once we rose to 1st place for the first time.” 5 member boy group MBLAQ
(Picture source – J.Tune Entertainment

“I was confused. I wondered if we would receive it, and they said that we were 1st place. But, after ranking 1st place, my heart was beating fast like our debut days. For the first time, I felt like we actually became singers.” (Mir)

After the 5 member boy group MBLAQ (Seungho, G.O., Lee Joon, Mir, Thunder) debuted back in October, they climbed 1st place in a music program for the first time on June 3rd. MBLAQ member Mir poured tears once they were announced as 1st place, and made fans emotional.

Although many idol groups rank first place after their debut, MBLAQ wasn’t able to do that. Since their debut days, they were known as ‘the group taken care of by Rain’, and even though they received explosive attention, it was difficult for them to go back to the music programs after their debut song ‘Oh Yeah!’

“When we watched the music programs, it felt as if everyone came out and not just us. It was hard work. Also, my heart wouldn’t laugh during a funny moment when we came out in variety programs. But, after ranking 1st place with our 2nd album song ‘Y’, I got the thought, ‘Now, we must be becoming real singers.'” (Leader Seungho)

Once ‘President’ Rain (who was rumored to be strict) heard that they got 1st place, he teased MBLAQ by saying, “Are you glad that you got 1st place?” and couldn’t hide his happiness.

Not only Rain, but with the happy images of the staff, the 5 inspired members said, “4 days before hyung [Rain] got the action star award from America’s MTV Movie Awards (MAA), we were the heroes,” and laughed.

“After debuting, we had many things that we lacked in. But, we’re only going to look forward and run.” Group MBLAQ
(Picture source = J.Tune Entertainment)

Through MBLAQ’s ‘Y’, they ran without stopping for 8 months after their debut. Even if we didn’t see them in music programs, they frequently visited cable channels, and continuously showed their faces in variety programs.

If we include Lee Joon’s appearance in ‘Ninja Assassin’, MBLAQ is receiving a diverse field of love calls from dramas, entertainment [programs], and CFs.

Thunder said, “After debuting, we didn’t have a single day of rest,” and promised “In the 8 months, we made many mistakes and lacked in many things. But, instead of missing, we’re going to look forward and keep running.”

“Before debuting as MBLAQ, I was active in a group called Tykeys. After a number of months, my schedule was packed with MBLAQ [activities]. Although I was able to digest a large amount of schedules, I never felt that we were exhausted. It’s fun. It’s because we’re men who don’t know how to give up.” (G.O.)

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